2013 Annual Report

Dear Friends, attached is our 2013 Annual Report.

In addition to reviewing some of the main stories of the year, we have reports on the activities of all the departments at the centre, and of the challenges and successes of the year.

Government introduction of sweeping changes to minimum wages (setting them at levels beyond the capacity of non-profit making organisations) proved a contentious issue,  however the centre maintained its services and continued to seek ways of expanding and focusing its offerings. There has also been a lot of long-term and strategic planning, with the help of Dutch experts.

Continuing challenges include water provision in our settlement villages, staff turnover and recruitment to some of the adult education courses on offer.

17 students who graduated in agriculture are working in various farms as
managers and farm supervisors. 19 students were enrolled in the Settlement
course, surpassing the targeted number of 15. All the Settlement students
completed their course and were settled in Mwomboshi and Chisamba Settlement
Villages. The department is also looking into the production of Aloe Vera as a cash crop.

An outbreak of African swine fever in the region meant that the piggery was not able to sell pigs, even though our own piggery was unaffected.

The Electronics department recruitment has been falling for some years, even though graduating students are much sought after, and therefore it is planned to phase out Electronic Systems Maintenance and Repair courses.

The primary and secondary schools continue to increase their enrollment and we have had great support in improving teaching practice from our volunteers and visitors.

The health services on offer, from HIV/AIDS counseling to family planning services continue to serve large numbers of people within our region, whilst the static clinic services have been phased out.

There is a lot more detail on the various projects in the attached report!

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