Acting CEO Prudence Mukuyamba

Dear Friends of Makeni,

We are pleased to announce that our acting CEO is Mrs Prudence Mukuyamba, widow of the late Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba.

Mrs Mukuyamba was asked by the board of MEC to take over after the Bishop’s untimely passing from COVID in June 2021.

Mrs Mukuyamba has a varied technical background, having studied Telecommunications at the Zambia Institute of Technology and, sponsored by the British Council, in Scotland, where she obtained a diploma in Colour TV Engineering at the time that Zambia was transitioning from black and white to colour television broadcasts. This was followed by on-the-job training in England, with PYE, the BBC and ITN, leading to her becoming Zambia’s first female engineer in the broadcasting field, leading to her assisting in managing a project with the Japan International Cooperation Agency as they installed equipment for ZNBC in Lusaka. She also did courses in administration and project management, and later became maintenance engineer in charge of television studios and ZNBC’s outside broadcast department.

In 1990 Mrs Mukuyamba joined her husband at Birmingham University in England, where she was awarded a diploma having studied church administration, women’s leadership and sociology. She followed this up with diplomas in theology and Bible studies in Zambia, which led to her teaching at three Bible schools, where she specialised in church history, pastoral counseling and church planting.

Mrs Mukuyamba has been a Social Coordinator at Mwomboshi Settlement Village, where she also has a 10 acre plot of land and has worked with the Pearl Foundation as director of Chisomo Disabled Club.

For the past 16 years as wife of our CEO Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba Prudence has been able to closely observe the day to day running of the Centre, and work alongside donors and visitors in visiting our agricultural projects, and helping in the Orphanage. She has also taken courses in agriculture, poultry farming, pig rearing, food production and others at MEC and elsewhere. In 2016 she was elected to the board of trustees of MEC.

We warmly welcome Mrs Mukuyamba into her interim role, and wish her every success as she continues the work begun by her late husband.

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