Scope of work and management


The most urgent need in Zambia now is to promote agricultural settlement!

We try to settle 20-30 families a year, depending on financial support. By 2001, 267 families had been settled. Unemployed, landless and unskilled persons are offered training and leased 10 acres of land in one of our settlement villages. Loans are provided to build houses and poultry-runs, and in early months for subsistence. Boreholes and water tanks are installed, with piping to each plot. Villages thus created become self-managed within the first year. Please ask for fuller details and a budget.

Constitution and Government

Makeni Ecumenical Centre is constituted as a registered company, limited by guarantee, of a non-profit-making, non-share-issuing nature, under the Laws of Zambia, Chapter 686. Government is by the meeting of members (50 members).

The Board of Directors

The five major churches in Zambia, the Zambia Council for Social Development, and the Christian Council of Zambia are entitled to appoint one director each.

The Executive Committee

The executive committee is composed of seven senior members of staff, who attend to the daily management of the Centre

Staff and Finances

The Centre has approximately sixty members of staff, field workers and volunteers. The recurrent budget is about US$ 50,000 p.a., excluding the Settlement Building Project Budget (available on request). Approximately 40% of this budget is raised locally.

More Information

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Carpentry workshop
Centre grounds where crops are grown

Courses Taught

  • Introductory Computing courses
  • Radio, TV and VCR Maintenance
  • Electronics and Radio Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Small Business Management
  • Primary and Pre-School Syllabi
  • English; Mathematics
  • Horticulture
  • Crop Husbandry
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Farm Management
  • Poultry reaaring and management
  • Vegetable production
  • First Aid
  • Nutrition
  • Tailoring, Sewing and Needlework, Handicrafts, Home craft
  • Family Planning
  • Appropriate (Village) Technology

Land, Buildings and Facilities

The major facilities are the 15 acres of land at Makeni, with 3 boreholes, 12 classrooms, 1 library, 3 workshops, 2 clinics, 8 agricultural buildings, 13 staff houses, a guest house, 7 offices, agricultural and production units & irrigation facilities. Approximately 6000 acres of land are set aside for agricultural settlement villages.


Books for various adult education courses are in intensive use, and therefore need constant replacing.

Donations of textbooks in any of the taught subjects will be gratefully received.

There is a
list of needed books here.


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