Thank you to our continuing supporters…

This page is put together from occasional information reaching the webmaster. If we haven’t mentioned you or your organisation, and you would like a mention, please accept our apologies for the omission. Please see the Contacts page for how to e-mail us.

Please see here for more information on volunteering.

Pitsford Junior School in Northamptonshire, England, special thanks for your support! The junior school has been raising money under the banner of ‘Pennies for Makeni’ and managed to raise over £400 in 2015! (We worked out – that amount of pennies weighs more than a baby elephant. Zikomo kwambiri :-))

IT Without Borders – thank you for supporting IT training at the centre in June 2015!

Thank you to St Mary’s Church, Iffley, Donnington and Rose Hill for supporting Makeni Centre as their ‘Mission of the month’!

Special thanks to Friends of Makeni in Holland and Vlijtige Liesjes in Belgium who have contributed an impressive amount of money to building projects and schoolfees in 2014!

for the Lima Hall          €  5,000
for the toilets                €  5,000
FOM  –  schoolfees       €  3,319

Vlijtige Liesjes Belgium
schoolfees 2014            €  6,959
TOTAL                          € 20,278


2013 Visitors & Volunteers Country
Hon Dorothy Kazunga – Deputy Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Zambia
Barclays Bank staff Zambia
Paul Jongeling and Vera Ootes The Netherlands
Sandy Adams Scotland
Trinity Haambikoma Zambia
Henri & Tieneke Zwarts The Netherlands
Rowland Robinson United Kingdom
Jumbe Ngoma Zambia
Grace Phiri Zambia
Gertrude Shinkanga Zambia
Ardi Stoios-Braken (Head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Zambia) The Netherlands
Dorcas Mothers – Makeni Mission Zambia
Gordon Lowes, Julia Lowes, Michael Lowes & JJ Elliot United Kingdom
Stephena Kristina Baler United States
Sunset Villas Zambia
Rev. Sitali Lubinda (Health Secretary UCZ Synod) Zambia

Donors and partners…

2013 Donors and partners Kind of Assistance/Area of Assistance
  1. Foreign Organisations & Individuals
Friends of Makeni, The Netherlands Material and budget support to orphanage and school
Kloosterkerk Worldwide, The Netherlands Financial and budget support to orphanage
African AIDS Angels, Canada Financial and budget support to Settlement Project (Extension support) and orphanage
Little St. Mary’s Cambridge and Sarah Hinton, UK Financial and budget support to orphanage
St John the Baptist Church, Piddington, UK       ”           ”           ”                 ”
Rowland Robinson, UK Financial and budget support to orphanage and OVC
Friends of Flanders Financial and budget support to orphanage
Rotary Club and George Muller, RSA       ”           ”           ”          to the primary school
Andrew Knowles, UK Financial and budget support to orphanage
JC Swinburne, UK       ”           ”           ”                 ”
Paul Jongeling and Vera Ootes Technical support to administration, washing machine
Henri and Tieneke Zwarts Birthday presents for all the children and fruits every Friday
Gordon and Julia Lowes £125 for Christmas food and clothes
Joke Ruiters Money for school uniforms, jerseys and school shoes for the children at the orphanage, clothes
  1. Local Organisations & Individuals
Barclays Bank (Z) PLC Orphanage support
Mrs Wenda Dil Library books
Madam Telisa For Diana Mbao at St Nicholas to buy ice cream after passing exams
Mr and Mrs Lungu K1500.00 budget support to orphanage
Sunset Villas through Mrs Sipiwe Mutale Food stuffs
Madam Kimmy Various fruits
Seventh Day Adventist, Dorcas mothers 60 cups, 30 plastic plates, 25 washing powder, 1 packet diapers, 2 packets pads, 6 bottles lotion, 12 glycerin, 1 set of pots, 2 mops, 36 pants, two brooms, 10 plastic washing dishes.
Ms Pauline Allen 2 bags of maize
Mrs Mary Haambulo 1 bag of maize

Other Recent Donors include

Scholengroep Zuidwest Den Haag, Holland donated Laboratory equipment, educational materials, shoes and clothes for the children and settlers

Wilde Ganzen through FoM in 2011, donated an assortment of books from primary to secondary school levels.

Dorchester team of Churches, England

The Colonies of Benevolence You can read more about the foundation here (if you can read Dutch!)

Zambia Interfaith Networking Groups (ZINGO)

For support with educational and sensitisation seminars and workshops in Settlement Villages relating to HIV/AIDS work.

The Zambia Tamil Society

We asked for books and the Zambia Tamil Society responded with a generous donation of very useful titles in technical and development studies areas, brought to us by Mr Narthiya. Thank you for your support!

Cheshire Home, Kabulonga, Lusaka

Cheshire Home donated blankets to the children at St Nicholas Village. We are especially grateful for this kind of local support!

For support with  HIV/AIDS workshops.

Seeds for Africa

Zambia Education Capacity Building (ZECAB)

Project Concern International

Saanich Community Church, Victoria, BC, Canada

Thank you for your support of St Nicholas’ Village. There are photos from the children’s bake sale here.

Here is a list of previous volunteers (rather out of date).

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