Volunteer list

This list has been compiled from various sources and probably contains a number of errors. There are certainly many omissions. Please help us to get it right!

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Alexander Adam (Scotland) 1995-
Chantal Altena (Holland)
Lance Aneley (UK)

Grace Baas (Holland)
Alison Beck (USPG)
Anne Brothwell (USPG) 1998
Christina Crowe (USPG)

Renee Dekker (Holland),
Anton Dil (Zambia) 1971-
Jelle Dil (Holland) 1973-1977
Matthew Dil (Canada) 2005
Margreet Dil (Holland) 1973-1977
Pierre G. Dil (Zambia) 1971-

Lee Ann Gage (Canada) 1979-
Mathew Godfrey (UK)
Maaike Gomes (Holland)
Willem Goris (Holland)
Paula Grist (VSO)
Brenda Gruppen (Holland)

Haana Haapalainen (Finland)

Yvonne Kars (Holland) 2005
Mieke Klaus (Belgium)
Andrew (Freddy) Knowles (England)
Ted Krickan (Canada) 2006
Isaac Krisifoe (Holland)

Ann V. Lamb (USPG)
Elise Leboudier (Canada) 1983
David Lesser (VSO)
Diana Lester (UK)
Sylvia Lightburne (USPG)
Gordon Lowes (UK) 2007-
Julia Lowes (UK) 2007

Andrew McDonnell (VSO) (was at andrewmacdonell.co.za)
Christina McKay (UK)
Tina Mckee (USPG)
Diane McNeille (VSO, Scotland) 1994
Deborah Milano (USA) 2004
Bruce Milano (USA) 2004
Tim Morgan (USPG) 1998
Lillian McBean (Canada) 1979-80
Margaret McMullen (UK)

Gemma Norbett (England) 2004

Tobie Osmand (USPG)

Mary Postma (Holland) 2002

Janice Reul (Holland),
Rowland Robinson (UK) 1997-99

Natasha Sandlands (UK)
Bart Scholten (Holland)
Monique Scholten (Holland)
Cindy Schotte (Holland) 2007
Emily Spargo (USPG)
Claire Steen (UK) 2006
Sjaak Stroet (Holland)
Connie Stroet (Holland)
Naomi Swain (England) 2004

Denise Tomsin (Belgium)

Karin van Bemmel (Holland) 2002
Floris van Deft (Holland)
Maarten van de Graaf
Petra van der Veen (Holland)
Renate van der Laan (Holland)
Raoul Van Gaever (Holland) 1979-80
Peter van Hartingsveldt (Holland) 2006
Astrid van Hulzen (Holland)
Elles van Kooten (Holland)
Jan van Schyndeel (Holland)
Joke Vernon( Holland)
Anja Veul (Holland),
Hubertus von Horsten (Germany)

Katherine Wiens (USA)
Keith Willsher (USPG)
Wenny Wilschut (Holland) 1998
Mark Wilson (USPG)
Joan Woods (Zambia)
Dave Wynne (USA)
Barbara Wynne (USA)

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