Zambian Historical recordings

Most of these links have only a passing connection with MEC, although music is a part of the worship at the centre, and MEC for many years organised a highly popular carols service (Carols By Candlelight), held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka. So these recordings are posted in the hope that they are of general interest.

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Please note, these are 32Kbps mp3 recordings, often from a poor source to begin with, so don’t expect hi-fi!

10th Anniversary Speech, 1981

A speech by Dr Kenneth Kaunda at the 10th Anniversary celebrations. The central theme is that people cannot be free while they are subject to poverty, hunger and exploitation. MEC is praised as an example of an organisation that is fighting against these evils. (This starts with a live Tiyende Pamodzi. Unfortunately, this is distorted at the source.)

KK 10th anniversary speech-c MP3 (3.7M)
KK 10th Realplayer (1.3M)

The “short man” is actually Leyson Sakala, who was praised in Fr Dil’s speech as being crucial to the centre‚Äôs work in its first 10 years.

Colin Morris

The following are excerpts from a BBC broadcast in 1993, “The Reckoning”, on the joy and pain of returning to Zambia after a long absence. The speaker is Colin Morris, first president of the United Church of Zambia

Colin Morris at Lubwa. (729K)
Colin Morris life on the Copper belt (1.7M, 7mins)

Zambian Space Program?

John Matsikisha talks about the developer of Zambia’s space program in 1964. (1.4M, 6 minute BBC Radio program excerpt, 2003)

The New Nation of Zambia

The following exercpts were taken from ZRBC LP ZR01 described as “A collection of historic recordings”.

The national anthem (374K) I think this is the recording that was used at the start of the news on TV.

The birth of Zambia (1.4M )


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