Church of the Good Shepherd

From the opening of the Holland Hall in 1971, church services were held for the local community. It was over ten years before a purpose-built building would be constructed. Originally it was to have been made from hand cast blocks, dried in the sun, but this plan was short lived, and the church was built of red brick with a thatched roof.

Here you can see The Church of the Good Shepherd in 1984, when it still had a thatched roof and before it had a porch. A church member is picking flowers before the morning service. Thatch was replaced later by more durable tile.

The second view is from the rear, now with a new tile roof. A new bell tower is visible against the background of the bamboo grove, and the added porch-entrance is also just visible.

The church is cool and airy inside, with the cruciform window in the rear wall much frequented by sparrows.

The text of this carving commissioned locally in 1984 is “Let the Little Children Come To Me” (Mark Ch. 10 v. 14)

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba is now chairman of Makeni Centre. Revd Fr Nathan Ngoma also leads services here.

Ladies of the Mothers’ Union



The praise team practising in the Commonwealth Hall

Father Dil and congregation of the Church of the Good Shepherd in 2002

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