How to help

Financial Help

Makeni Centre is a registered non-profit making organisation. Although there is a commitment to raising a proportion of the budget locally, Zambia is among the poorest countries in the world, severely limiting local fund-raising. Financial help is always welcomed.

Donations in Zambia are tax deductible.

Please see the Contacts page for contact details and further information.

Orphanage Support

Please consider supporting a child. A commitment to regular donations assists in planning budgets.

Donations in Kind

Tools, books in topics taught at the Centre and other equipment are always needed. Can you help?

Please see the wonderful website StuffYourRucksack for some of the things we need!

Friends of Makeni

Become a “Friend of Makeni”!

Volunteer Work

Every year young people come to Makeni Centre to work for between three months and a year, and some (usually older) people come for longer. Such practical help is much appreciated. Further information about volunteering can be found here.

Be an Ambassador!

Volunteers (old or new) and visitors, please

  • Send this site photographs;
  • Sign up, if you want to, and blog about your visit
  • talk to other people about your time at Makeni.

Makeni’s history is the history of people who enriched the lives of others, in many different ways. Share that history with us and with others!

Giving Online

Giving online is secure, quick and easy — there’s a donate button on the right hand side.

  1. Enter the amount and a message
  2. The MEC webmaster is informed by e-mail and you get a confirmation of payment email.

If you want to stipulate where your money should be used, you can do so. Please note: payment goes to the webmaster. The webmaster passes on payments to MEC in full, by paying it into their bank account. Paypal charges 3-4% to receive a payment, but the webmaster accepts that cost.

Of course, you can also donate directly by cheque to MEC’s bank account or by bank transfer or through your local Friends group. Just ask for more details.

We thank you for your continued support!

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