Books needed…

The library always welcomes donations of books in subjects taught at MEC. A guide to the kinds of texts that would be helpful is given below.

General Reference Books

Any books supporting the teaching of basic maths and English are very welcome, especially if they have a vocational quality to them. In particular, dictionaries are always in demand and wear out from heavy use. Also very welcome are books on using computers and standard software packages.


  • Technology of machine tools
  • Understanding AC circuits and trouble-shooting
  • Electricity and electronics principles
  • Computer hardware
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Electronic communication systems
  • Radio & TV electronics
  • Technician and engineering-oriented mathematics books
  • Communication for business

IT Books

  • Using Windows and modern office packages (Microsoft Office and OpenOffice)
  • The Computer Driving Licence or similar computer literacy training materials
  • Basic IT – explaining how peripherals work, definitions of terminology, explanation of what various standard applications do, for example

Agriculture Books

  • Crop production science
  • Horticulture
  • Disease and husbandry of cattle
  • Fish production
  • Animal nutrition
  • Water management, for example “Domestic waste water treatment in developing countries” by Mora, D. (2004)”
  • Organic Agriculture
  • The environment
  • Essential oil crops

Carpentry Books

  • carpentry, joinery and bench skills
  • multiple choice questions in carpentry and joinery for building craft students

Home Economics Books

  • Food Production
  • Catering
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Tie & Dye

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