Holland Visit

Joe Silwenga reports…

On behalf of all who travelled to the Netherlands, I wish to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to all the Friends of Makeni, Scholengroep Zuid-west, Hanze University, Kloosterkerk Worldwide and many other individuals and organisations that hosted us. The visit was impacting, memorable and useful to us as individuals as well as to the organisation – Makeni Ecumenical Centre.

We are grateful for all the fruitful meetings, workshops and thought-provoking discussions on various issues and projects of and on Makeni. We enjoyed your hospitality and friendliness throughout our stay. We are also grateful for the personal and organisational gifts¬†which you gave heartily.¬†Your interest in the work of Makeni is exceptionally challenging. We are now doing our homework on various issues in order to share and orient our friends on our experiences for the two weeks we were there. I am sure they will be motivated and be involved in the change processes needed. They will also learn more about the Netherlands from the “fellow Zambians'” perspective. Discussions have been set for next week.

We send our kind greetings and wish you many heavenly blessings.

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