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Our new St Nicholas head

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Having bid farwell to Ambuya Judy Passmore, we welcome Mrs Irene Chinyama as the new mother in charge of St Nicholas Orphanage Village.

Mrs Chinyama holds an advanced certificate in Social Development and is also studying for a diploma with Mulungushi University.

Here you can see her in the grounds of the orphanage village .

Here also is a recent picture of some of the orphanage staff and children.

We wish Mrs Chinyama all the best as she continues to settle in to her important role at St Nicholas Village!


Football matches...

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During my visit I have been watching the children playing football on our dusty football pitch. Games go on until the sun sets and are contested with great enthusiasm...

I took this picture of some of the orphanage children a few nights ago to share with you.

Hope you enjoy it!


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