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DSCF2857.JPGThis recent photo shows Martha, Grace, Chikondiwe and Jane at St Nicholas Village for Children. They were just back at their dormitories during a lunchtime break at Makei Centre Primary school.

At the time this was taken, there were 31 children in the orphanage, 13 boys and 18 girls.

I had a tour of the nice new dormitories, and asked what was particularly needed. I was told that the staff and children had been very grateful for the donation of clothes shoes from Oncdo and Mr and Mrs Kars in Holland (Yvonne Kars has worked with us a volunteer).

Apparently bedding goes through some tough wear and they are in particular need of pillows, which are worn out quickly! So, if you are sending an item, you might want to cushion it with pillows.... Or, stuff a few in your luggage. They will be much appreciated!


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