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Primary School Extension

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Here is a picture of ongoing work to extend the primary school facilities at Makeni Centre.

The headmaster, Mr George Halubobya, is in the foreground.

There is an increasing demand for primary school teaching in our area, and we currently do not have the space to allow students to continue up to the final primary year. Instead children have had to go elsewhere after Grade 9. This has also meant that we have had to sponsor older children at St Nicholas Village to go to other schools in our area or further afield.

The Parent Teacher Association has been asking us if we can provide for the full primary school range, up to Grade 12.  This we are now nearing the ability to do, a major development in the life of the centre, which would not have been possible without the fantastic financial and planning support of our Friends of Makeni in Holland.

The building and improvements work is scheduled to run into June of this year. There will be a new classroom block to accommodate Grades 10 to 12 as well as an office and a staff room.  The higher grades also require a science block, which has been achieved by upgrading of the electronics school facilities. This lab will now be shared with the Electronics department.
tshirts image006.jpgJoe Silwenga reports:

Makeni Ecumenical Centre HIV/AIDS Prevention Project needed T-shirts for its HIV/AIDS Workplace awareness programme, which requires that all staff put on the T-shirt printed with an HIV/AIDS message every Friday.

We were privileged to receive a donation of 50 golf shirts from Mr Lindhorst, through the Friends of Makeni. They had a DUMECO logo on the left.  They were donated to the Centre just at the time when management was contemplating a cost-sharing arrangement with the staff for costs of buying T-shirts.

We printed on the golf shirts information on HIV/AIDS and as you can see from the pictures 50 members of staff received a golf shirt each.
tshirts image004.jpg

The donation was timely and was to put to use in the best way.  HIV/AIDS is real and we are not ashamed to talk about it openly. More donations in form of T-shirts or Golf Shirts are welcome!

MEC HIV/AIDS Prevention Project extends appreciation on behalf of all the members of staff to Mr Lindhorst, Dumeco and the Friends of Makeni for the wonderful donation to Makeni Ecumenical Centre. May God bless you.

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