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A new Nicholas

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Here is Catherine Sinkala in the St Nicholas Village for Children kitchen with recent arrival Nicholas, 5 months old in this picture.

Nicholas has been at the village since 6th October, 2008.

His mother passed away after giving birth at Mwembeshi.

Nicholas is not in great health, but receives lots of care and attention from the aunties and children in the village.

Auntie Elizabeth Makuwa (shown here starting to get Sunday lunch ready!) also is the main carer for Nicholas.


Orphanage water pump

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I am told that it was October 2008 that a hand pump for water was installed at the orphanage at Makeni Centre.

Here you can see Mrs Catherine Sinkala (auntie), Mr White Kachali (maintenance worker), Mrs Muda Phiri (auntie) and Mrs Beatrice Zulu (ambuya) with the new pump - and quite a nice crop of maize in the background also!

The hand pump is very useful when we have prolonged power cuts, as the water supply runs out after some time. On these days, the hand pump sees plenty of use, keeping the orphanage supplied with water for washing, cooking and bathing. 

Our thanks go to our friends in Holland who donated 1000 Euros to make this possible!

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