A shipment from Holland

Recently the Friends of Makeni in Holland sent a generous shipment to MEC consisting of many educational and recreational items, mostly for children at pre-school level but including items for children up to secondary school age.

For the schools we are involved with, including Mwembeshi Settlement Village’s school, there were many childrens’ books and educational toys, twenty white-boards and sports equipment.  For the labs there was science glassware, thermometers and a balance, all important items for secondary education. There were also some items for general science, such as wire and multi-meters. There was even some music equipment, including keyboards!

Day to day items were also plentiful: the centre received a good quantity of clothes and towels, shoes, soft toys, and miscellaneous other items such as bicycle pumps, camping chairs and kitchen items.

The list goes on… six desktop computers made the trip!

Below are some photos of the items received and the many happy recipients! The items were distributed by Henri and Tieneke, who also have been helping the children to learn various board games and visiting the settlement villages. They are spending nine months with MEC, assisting with our educational programs, with the orphanage, nursing and church activities.

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We don’t always remember to mention the settlement villages – there are many children associated with MEC’s settlement projects in Mwembeshi, Mwomboshi and Chisamba who don’t get the same level of support as our children in Makeni and so it is good to see toys going out to them as well. This will be a rare experience for them. Anyone who had a teddy-bear as a child will know how much one can become attached to such things.

I understand that the Friends in Holland have also paid for school uniforms for the children in the orphanage and are also providing support for school fees. All their support remains hugely important to the centre, and we thank them sincerely for their continuing efforts and kindness.

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I spent most of my youth in Makeni, growing up at the centre as it emerged from the bush, one building at a time. I now work in the UK as a lecturer in computer science.
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