Mwomboshi Settlement Village school house

Joe Silwenga reports:

Mwomboshi Settlement Village has no government school and the residents send their children to a community school within the settlement village, initiated by Makeni Ecumenical Centre to help young children access basic education. The school runs from grade one to grade seven.

For the past two years the school management has been making efforts to raise the standards of the school to equal that of the government schools in Zambia.

Attempts to become a government school have faced difficulties because the Ministry of Education can only upgrade a school after sending qualified teachers.

For Mwomboshi settlement, the Ministry has required us to build a house for a teacher before one is sent to the area.

The Village Management Committee and the PTA decided to renovate one of the community houses, but lacked finances to embark on the project.

Mwomboshi school.jpgHowever the Friends of Makeni in Holland intervened and funded the project in 2008. Here you can see the house in the process of renovations.

Our thanks to our Dutch friends for this wonderful support!

Mwomboshi school 2.jpg

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