AAA Support for Chisamba Settlement Village

African Aids Angels in Victoria, BC have been supporting our work for many years now. We are very grateful for their continuing assistance!  Whilst the group takes a particular interest in the welfare of the children at St Nicholas Orphanage, they also provide support to other Makeni Centre projects.

I have recently received these pictures from Joe Silwenga of Chisamba Settlement Village, where AAA also has been assisting with its Input Support Project.

The captions also come from Mr Silwenga.

AAA input support proj 1.jpg

A beneficiary congratulating a friend after showing the maize harvested from AAA
input support field in Chisamba settlement village, as others look on and admire
the yield

AAA input support proj 2.jpg

A widower beneficiary of AAA Input Support Project
smiling as he poses for a photo with his 2 grandsons to show his yield to the Settlement

AAA input support proj 3.jpg

A picture of a widow a beneficiary from AAA Input
Support Project, in her field of maize gathered in heaps before harvesting. She
explained that because she is just alone that is why her maize was still in the
field and she has not prepared a traditional barn to store her maize in.

AAA input support proj 4.jpg

A beneficiary (Jericho Chibulu) with his family
showing the quality of cobs and pumpkins harvested from the field. Behind them
is the traditional barn used for temporary storage of maize.

AAA input support proj 5.jpg

Mrs. Kandago sitting on her bags of unshelled maize as
she expresses her happiness. This is inside her house.

AAA input support proj 6.jpg

A picture showing beneficiaries after loading some of
their maize bags in the truck to
Lusaka to assist their
school-going children. They were captured unaware.

The beneficiary on the left
in excitement performs a traditional dance to express her joy and happiness
while others look on.

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