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DSCF0166.JPGWe have now been in Hackleton, Northants for over seven years, and our home church is St John the Baptist, Piddington.

When my late father, Revd Pierre Dil, first visited us here, he sat next to somebody who seemed vaguely familiar.  “Aren’t you Father Dil?”, the person asked. As it turned out, he was.

“Andrew Knowles”, the stranger said. Except of course, he was not a stranger, but an MEC volunteer from 1980 something…   How odd that my father should have come across the world to visit us and then sat next to a former volunteer at Makeni Centre! We didn’t know he was here either.

St John the Baptist, Piddington, now regularly support us through annual donations, as does Andrew. We thank you….

DSCF2554.JPGI cheated a bit here. A few days ago there was snow, but it has now gone. It is however very cold… -2C or so.

A few Sundays ago we had a demonstration of cooking
mealie meal, which was then sampled by all.  So, while support flows to
Zambia (and Lesotho) from Piddington, a bit of African cooking has come to us too.

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I spent most of my youth in Makeni, growing up at the centre as it emerged from the bush, one building at a time. I now work in the UK as a lecturer in computer science.
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