Computer School

DSCF0102.JPGHere you can see our IT trainer Joseph Mumba, and a group of Makeni Centre Primary School children attending computer lessons.

They are using a mixture of computers, some gifts from the Open University in the UK and others recently donated by a college in Holland. Thanks to these kind donations we are now quite well equipped in terms of hardware.

We have limited capacity in this small hall, which was not designed for computer use and is in  need of general upgrading, in spite of previous repairs. For the time being, though, it serves a useful purpose in introducing our staff and students to computer use.

There is plenty of room for expansion in terms of the teaching.  Eventually, I would like to see us teaching the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL).

There is no connectivity outside of the main office at the centre (which has a dial-up connection). Greater bandwidth is currently outside our reach, due to high trees between us and the Lusaka radio link (I’m told; I imagine we could use a receiver mounted on a water tower, but that would involve further expense), but more problematically because of ongoing costs, which are hard to justify at the moment.

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I spent most of my youth in Makeni, growing up at the centre as it emerged from the bush, one building at a time. I now work in the UK as a lecturer in computer science.
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